Thursday, April 16, 2009

well last night we went to the house and the bath has been pulled out, and thats about it, the tiles are still all there.

WE have finally got our letter regrading the practical completion inspection (which happened on the 31st March) so this letter was really pointless as it also said that handover will be the 20th April.

Apparently the plastering painintg and tiling will all be done next week ready for final inspection next friday arvo and then handover the following monday or tuesday...not holding my breath there is a whole house to repaint as well as outside as well, and we will not be taking possesion until everything is done at least on the inside...font want tradies coming in and out once we are living there

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  1. Hey Molly..nice home...guuess you guys must have settled down pretty well by now..:) its really exciting isnt it...:) how long did it take to begin construction after the title and settlement of the land with Porter Davis? we are also buidling with PD Churchill..Just curious as to know how long it takes PD to start constructiona fter settlement. and can the builders get the building permit before the settlement? - Zania