Wednesday, April 15, 2009



6th November most of the plaster has been hung, bricks are still going, some walls were done with the wrong color bricks so a wall was pulled down and redone, but two walls were not redone at this time, in fact it wasn’t until march that they were finally pulled down and redone.

family room

veiw of kithen and front hallway from back window

master bedroom veiw two

22nd November - bricks are sort of finished and cabinets have arrived
front of house
side wall finished

24th November -vanities are ebony macassar in color for both bench top and cabinets in bathrooms and bench top in laundry is Peruvian clay to blend in with floor tiles

bathroom- the benchtop is actually the same color as the cupboard


basins are right now

26th November- kitchen is in- espresso under cupboards and moleskin overhead cupboards
kitchen cupboards- with MDF benchtop!!!!

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