Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The main hold up has been the bricks which is still not completely rectified. When the bricks were put up in November, a noticeable variance in color was detected on the side wall of the meals area. Boral checked it out and authorized for the wall to be pulled down and replaced. Only problem was while waiting for Boral to check the wall, the brickies continued and did the wall around the sliding door and the wall next to this one in the alfresco wrong color as well. We bought this up and it has taken up until last month for someone to acknowledge that they were infact different and for these bricks to finally be replaced.

But before they replaced them Boral suggested a procedure to make the bricks blend in (the right bricks had a paler line through and the wrong ones didn’t- but the wrong bricks were also very brown and the right bricks had a red tinge). So paint was put on the wrong bricks (and many of the correct bricks) and it looked liked a five year old had been playing with a paint brush, it was ridiculous.

This all happened at the end of February.
Then we were told that the paint couldn’t come off, so more walls had to be replaced, the rear wall of the family room and the one next to it which is the side of the bedroom which was done mid march along with the walls of wrong bricks being replaced


Our SS didn’t want to have to pull down the pillars which they had painted on or any more walls (under the windows in the ensuite and lounge room) so he called a graffiti removalist who suggested paint stripper, which worked. So they could have saved so much running around and stress and money by either not using this paint in the first place or by investigating removal options earlier. I dont understand why anyone would see this painting as acceptable.
After almost 5 months finally it is sorted and all the while we were holding off making our fix payment.

Along with this, almost every thing that has been done has had to be redone at least once as it was incorrectly done- such as mirrors, position of vanities, basins, tiling, bath placement, windows, the list goes on.

Lets hope it all happens soon


  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you could tell me the colour of your kitchen cupboards. Thanks

  2. Hi, We are having the same problem with the bricks I think? can you tell me if this was the same problem? Here is an's weird some bricks are a solid colour and there are other ones with a white line going through them